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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Description and Application of Paired or Two-Step Interview: A Cooperative Learning Procedure for the Judaic Classroom

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinically tested best practices. Accordingly our mentees should know about the Cooperative Learning Model of Teaching.

One example of a cooperative learning procedure for the Judaic classroom is Paired or Two-Step Interview. A description of this cooperative procedure and a sample application for the Judaic classroom follows:

Paired or Two-Step Interview: The teacher poses a question and invites students to form a learning pair; one partner is A and the other is B. A answers the question during a time specified by the teacher. When A is answering the question, B must listen, may ask clarifying or probing questions, but may not interrupt A or share his or her opinion. Then the process reverses with B speaking and A listening or asking questions.

Sample Application: How does your family usually celebrate Shabbat?

On the next post we will describe and give a sample application of another cooperative learning procedure, Rally Round.

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