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Monday, February 14, 2011

RetSam Zhang, guest contributor, on understanding computers

Well. It's like a kid being grounded to do all the 

calculation works on a limited table.

  • It's good to have a smart kid who can calculate fast, or to have 2 or more kids working together.
  • When the table is full, he can't open any more books.
  • It's good to have a bigger table.
  • A bigger bookshelf will allow you to store more informations.
  • The kid works so hard that he always need a fan to cool him down(poor kid).
  • what do you see? feel free to add your ideas ...
  • Computer Case - A computer case (also known as a computer chassiscabinetboxtowerenclosurehousingsystem unit or simply case) is the enclosure that contains most of the components of a computer (usually excluding the display, keyboard and mouse).
  • CPU - The central processing unit (CPU) is the portion of a computer system that carries out the instructions of a computer program, and is the primary element carrying out the computer's functions.
  • Motherboard - In personal computers, a motherboard is the central printed circuit board (PCB) in many modern computers and holds many of the crucial components of the system, while providing connectors for other peripherals.
  • RAM - Random-access memory (RAM) is a form of computer data storage.
  • Program - computer program (also a software program, or just a program) is a sequence of instructions written to perform a specified task for a computer.
  • Process - In computing, a process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed. It contains the program code and its current activity.
  • Data - In computer science, data is information in a form suitable for use with a computer. Data is often distinguished from programs. A program is a set of instructions that detail a task for the computer to perform. In this sense, data is thus everything that is not program code
  • Input - An input device is any peripheral used to provide data and control signals to a computer. Examples - Pointing device (Joystick · Light pen · Mouse · Touchpad · Touchscreen · Trackball) · Microphone · Scanner · Webcam
  • Output - An output device is any piece of computer hardware equipment used to communicate the results of data processing carried out by a computer. Examples - Monitor · Speakers · Printer

Background about RetSam:

RetSam Zhang is from a city in southern China, Zhongshan. He and Katrina Way are the two founders of Team SKoodle.

RetSam describes himself this way:
"I am a pretty creative spirit. I have a computer background, art talent and interest in learning and teaching English."

and Moodle Site -

If you wish to contact RetSam, he can be reached in these ways:

  • Skype(retsamzhang)

  • Email:

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