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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Announcing a new Google Spreadsheet on integrating web technology into Judaic instruction and teacher training

Dear chevre and colleagues:

The Google Document spreadsheet that we have been working on for the past 10 months,, is now ready for your examination. This spreadsheet contains a list of web tools for Jewish educators and staff developers in these categories:

  • animation
  • audio
  • blogging
  • bookmarking
  • collaborative writing
  • comic strip
  • course management
  • file converting
  • file storage
  • graphic organizer, inquiry
  • mind mapping
  • personal and work organization
  • presentation
  • remote control and screen sharing
  • screen capture
  • screen recording
  • social networking
  • survey
  • time lining
  • video hosting
  • web camera recording
  • web conferencing
  • website creation
  • word collage and 
  • miscellaneous tools

In addition to listing the various tools with their url under each category we have placed this  information: 

  • purpose of the web tool
  • tutorials
  • secular educational applications for the classroom and teacher training
  • Jewish educational applications for the classroom and teacher training.

This is a developing  collaborative work in progress and we invite you to add to this spreadsheet. If you think this work has some value, kindly share it with your colleagues and teachers. 

Kol Tuv, Richard

Richard D. Solomon, Ph.D.

Toolbox for Teachers and Mentors

Lesson Plans for the Toolbox

Skype: RichardDSolomon

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