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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is Jewish Integrated Experiential Education?

What is Jewish Integrated Experiential Education?

Jewish Integrated Experiential Education is the general term that describes the incorporation of the strengths of formal and informal Jewish education in any Jewish instructional venue (i.e. day school, complementary school, higher educational institution, camp, youth center, museum excursion, trip to Israel, etc.). For this construct to be implemented it requires three additional components, the curriculum specialist or designer, the staff developer or teacher trainer, and the application of computer hardware (e.g. smart boards, lap tops, tablets and smart phones) and web-based software (i.e. email, Google Docs, Skype, audio files, video applications, mobile apps, etc.).

Click here and find the Jewish Integrated Experiential Education Learning Activities Chart.

Click here and obtain a copy of the original paper that was published by the Jewish Educational Change Network of JESNA.

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