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Thursday, December 8, 2011

What are web polling and student response system or feedback tools?

A web polling tool is the generic name  used to describe  different internet applications that empower users (i.e. teachers, students,  staff developers and others) to gather opinions, collect votes, and display and share results of a web assessment instrument.

A student response system tool is a specific web application that gives a teacher instantaneous formative assessment feedback from his or her students.

Why might a teacher, student  or staff developer want to use a web polling or student response system tool?

  • to obtain feedback about the curriculum
  • to determine staff development needs and priorities
  • to make decisions
  • to assess the merit of an idea, activity, decision, etc.
  • to collect data for research
  • to share the results of a survey or questionnaire
  • to obtain instantaneous student feedback

    On the next blog post we will share our first web-based polling and student response system or feedback instrument, Socrative.

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