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Thursday, August 6, 2015

What is an E-portfolio?

What is an E-portfolio?

An e-portfolio or electronic portfolio is a collection of selected digitized artifacts (i.e. pictures, documents, articles, honors, work experience, files, etc.) that describe your interests, hobbies, personal and professional goals. Instead of curating these artifacts and placing them in a physical collection (e.g. album, or scrapbook) they can be located online. Judaic Studies students would want to create their own e-portfolios for the following reasons:

  • To document, demonstrate and measure knowledge acquisition, and skills
  • To collect artifacts of learning over a period of time (i.e. elementary school, high school, etc.)
  • To provide a job interviewer with a digital portfolio of work experience, knowledge and skills
  • To celebrate the wealth of experience, honors, knowledge and skills your have accumulated
  • To assess  the strengths and limitations of your experiences, knowledge and skills
For more information on e-portfolios click here.

On the next post we will share, an e-portfolio web tool.

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