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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Introduction to Yuuguu as a web-based remote control or screen sharing tool

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinically tested best practices, and demonstrate how these best practices can be applied in the real (i.e. physical) and virtual (i.e. online) classroom for both teaching and teacher training. The combination of face to face instruction in a physical setting and online learning is called blended learning. In this section of the blog we will describe how the internet can serve as a supplemental resource for instruction and the mentoring of pre-service and in-service Jewish educators. In this post we will discuss how Yuuguu can be used  (a) as a web-based tool for screen sharing (b) to enhance Judaic education and the mentoring/training of pre-service and in-service Judaic educators. 

What is remote control software?

Remote control software, also called screen sharing and desktop sharing software, is a type of software application that enables a person to control his or her computer or those of others from a distant (i.e. remote) location.

For what educational purposes can remote control software serve Judaic education and teacher training?
  • Enables the student,  teacher, or trainer to access his/her computer from any location in the world
  • Enables the student, teacher or trainer to instruct another person about how to use his or computer
  • Can reduce time to learn a complex computer procedure
  • Can be used by the teacher or mentor to assess student or mentee learning
  • Can be used by the student or mentee to demonstrate learning
  • Serves as a vehicle to increase on-task student behavior
  • Can be a vehicle for teaching or training one or many students or mentees
  • Promotes collaborative learning, and collaborative coaching
  • Can be used as a vehicle for peer tutoring
Where is  Yuuguu located on the web?

Tutorials on how to use Yuuguu for screen sharing

Click on the links below and discover how Yuuguu can be used for screen sharing:
Click here and see a tutorial that Elaine Solomon and I made on how Yuuguu can be used for screen sharing.

On the next post we will share how Yuuguu can be used to promote instruction and teacher training (e.g. Judaic instruction and teacher training) through screen sharing.

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