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Friday, October 18, 2013

What is back-channeling?

What is back-channeling?

From an instructional perspective back-channeling is a secondary method to transmit feedback from a student or a group of students to a teacher. In a face to face classroom environment, students might be invited to pose questions or comments from some web tool like Today’sMeet or Chatzy. Typically during a webinar the back-channeling method for communicating is via texting in the chat box.

According to "in a classroom, there would be two methods of communication running simultaneously. The predominant channel is the main tool that is used to communicate information. The secondary channel (aka the back-channel) is for the listener to provide assessments, questions, thoughts on the information being presented, usually to reflect listener comprehension or interest."

"For example, students may be watching a video, but back-channel their reactions, thoughts, and questions about the video through an alternate method of communication which can be broadcast in the classroom, such as through a twitter feed."

In our next blog post we will introduce TodaysMeet as a back-channeling web tool.

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