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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Additional screen recording tools that can be used in the flipped classroom

Before we share other screen sharing web tools that can be used in the ‘flipped classroom’, let’s first discuss the meaning of this construct.

What is the flipped classroom?

In a typical classroom, the teacher presents information (e.g. a new idea, procedure or way of solving a problem) to his or her students and then assigns students homework based on the information presented. In the flipped classroom the reverse process occurs. The teacher presents information (e.g. a new construct, process or procedure to solve a problem) to students via a video recording or audio podcast which the students review at home. Then students return to class to apply the knowledge they had received via the teacher's video or audio presentation, and apply that knowledge in the classroom. The role of the teacher is therefore transformed in at least two ways:

  1. The teacher presents information via a screen recording or audio podcast that can be accessed via a link on the internet.
  2. The teacher and his/her aides provide whole group, small group and individualized instruction to students while they are working on applying the knowledge they received online. The degree to which the teacher and his or her instructional aides use whole group, small group or individualized learning modalities is dependent upon the instructional needs of his or her students.

Additional free screen recording tools that can be used in the flipped classroom
Click on the links below and find additional screen recording tools that can be used to promote instruction in the flipped classroom

Screen Recording Web Tool
Web Address (URL)

Quick Time Player
Quick Time Player for the Mac:

Quick Time Player for the PC:

Also check out this url if you cannot find the Quick Time Player for your device:

 Click here for a list of additional free screen recording tool.

On the next blog post we will begin our discussion of web tools and apps for making bookmarklets.

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