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Friday, December 11, 2015

Think-Trix for Judaic Instruction and Staff Development

Colleagues, in previous blog posts we have discussed how the Think-Trix construct developed by Dr. Frank Lyman can be applied to enhance Judaic instruction. You can refer to these blog posts for details:

Now I am pleased to share that my colleague from the University of Maryland, Frank Lyman, has just published a new book, ThinksTrix:Tools to Teacher 7 Essential Thinking Skills.

Never before has a publication demonstrated so thoroughly  how the seven Think-Trix, visual cues that activate student thinking, can be used across the curriculum. These seven ThinkTrix facilitate seven different kinds of thinking including  recall, cause and effect, similarity, difference, idea to example, example to idea, and evaluation. In this teacher-friendly book, ThinkTrix: Tools to Teach Seven Essential Thinking Skills, Dr. Frank Lyman shows teachers on all levels and in all content areas how they can use the seven ThinkTrix to create a “mindful classroom”. 

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