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Monday, May 4, 2009

Four Additional Interpersonal Skills that Carl D. Glickman Suggests the Mentor Needs to Master in His or Her Repertoire

Dr. Carl D. Glickman (2002) has identified four additional interpersonal skills that the mentor teacher should possess in his or her repertoire. In the chart below, you find

those a definition and brief sample application of those skills. For more details on these interpersonal skills, read Dr. Glickman's textbook which is cited below.

Note: Lisa is the mentee in these applications.

Interpersonal Skills

Definition as it Applies to a Mentee


Application of the Mentor Teacher


(Glickman, 2002)

To share supporting statements so that the mentee will elaborate or further explain her point of view.

“ Lisa, I see what you mean.”

“Please continue.”

“Tell me more about …”


(Glickman, 2002

The mentor offers his views on the topic or issue discussed.

“Lisa, may I share my thoughts on this subject? …” “Perhaps we might consider …” “The way I see it is …”

Problem Solving

(Glickman, 2002)

After a preliminary discussion of an issue, the mentor takes the lead by engaging the mentee in brainstorming possible solutions.

“Lisa, why don’t we list some ways of solving this problem?” “Let’s think about different ways to tackle this problem.”


(Glickman, 2002

Having brainstormed possible solutions to a problem, the mentor takes the lead in

(a) narrowing options, and

(b) finding an acceptable plan of action.

“Lisa, now that we have brainstormed possible solutions, let's discuss what is practical and realistic, and what we should do next."

 Glickman, C. D. (2002). Leadership for Learning: How to Help Teachers Succeed.  Alexandria, VA: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

On the next blog post we will discuss four more interpersonal skills that Carl D. Glickman suggests the mentor needs to possess in his or her repertoire.

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