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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Individual Professional Development Plan

Sample Format for an Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP)


Name:                                                                                            Date:

Position:                                                        School:

What is/are my goal/s for professional growth this year?



How do my goals relate to the goals of my school or district?


How will I know that I have achieved my goals? What data will I use to determine if I have reached my goals?


How will this IPDP impact my students?



Which of the professional development options/strategies/techniques listed below will I use?

Collaborative Options:

___Committee or Task Force Participation

___Delivery of Workshops/Courses

___Development of Instructional  Materials

___ Discussion/Study Groups

___Experimentation or Action Research within the Classroom

___Networking Group

___ New Curriculum Development

___ Participation in Teacher  Exchange Program

___ Peer Coaching

___Professional Visits

___ Team Teaching

___Peer Observation

___Other (be specific)


Independent Options:

___Analyze audio/video tapes

___ Delivery of Workshops/Courses

___Development of Instructional Materials

___Experimentation or  Action Research within the Classroom

___Professional Visits

___ Review of Professional Literature

___Staff Development (Course Participation)

___ Writing a reflective journal

___Other (be specific)




What material or human resources will you need to 

achieve your goal(s)?


How will you know that you are achieving 

your goal(s)?  

What evidence will there be to support 

your progress?


Teacher: ____________________________________________________


Approved by ________________________________________________



On the next blog post we will describe strategic questions a mentor teacher can pose to activate and expand mentee reflection.

 *This IPDP is adapted from one used by the Montgomery County (MD) Public Schools.

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