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Monday, March 15, 2010

13 Elements of Each Lesson Plan

We are beginning a new section of the blog sharing specific lesson plans designed to teach, train and develop pre-service and in-service Judaic teachers in best practices in teaching, lesson planning and managing student behavior. Each lesson plan will contain these thirteen elements.

Title of the Lesson
Enduring Jewish Knowledge Rationale for the Lesson
Essential Question/s: (Questions whose answers lead to enduring Jewish knowledge)
Assessments (Initial, ongoing, and final activities designed to measure what the student has learned)
Objective/Learning Outcome (What the student is supposed to learn from this lesson)
Name of the Active Learning Procedure Included in the Lesson
Anticipatory Set (Motivation activity that prepares students for the objective/ learning outcome)
Suggested Motivational Statement
Introductory Activity (Initial exercise to focus on the objective/learning outcome)
Developmental Activity (Set of procedures or steps to reach the objective/ learning outcome )
Guided Practice (Students apply new skill/s or strengthen previously learned skills during classroom instruction.)
Independent Activity or Activities (Students practice new skill/s or strengthen previously learned skills outside of class.)
Closure (Activity that summarizes and ends the lesson)

On the next post we will share our first lesson plan with this title, “What is a Teacher”?

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