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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Title of the Lesson: Where Do I Find Enduring Jewish Knowledge? Part Two

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinically tested best practices. This is one of many lessons we will be sharing on teaching Judaic content, lesson planning, models of teaching, differentiated and individualized instruction and learning activities designed to transform the classroom into a Jewish community of cooperative learners. The title of this lesson is “Where do I Find Enduring Jewish Knowledge? “Since there are 13 elements in each lesson plan we will divide this lesson plan into three parts. Here is the first part of this lesson on finding enduring Jewish knowledge. The second part of this lesson follows:

Developmental Activity: (Set of procedures or steps to reach the objective/learning outcome)

1. After your students have individually recorded their responses to these four questions, place them in dyads and invite them to discuss the above four questions.

2. Then direct your students to use the Rally Round cooperative procedure to generate ways to find enduring Jewish knowledge.

3. First explain and then demonstrate Nominal Brainstorming. The rules for engagement for Nominal Brainstorming appear below.

NOTE: Nominal brainstorming does not require a time limit; however, a recorder is needed.

1. Each member spends a short time, e.g. 60 seconds, thinking of and recording solutions to a given group task or problem. In this case, they are generating ideas for finding enduring Jewish knowledge.

2. In round robin fashion each class member shares one new or different solution to the problem presented. Students add new ideas to their individual lists.

3. There is no criticism of the ideas presented.

4. Members may pass if they have no new or different solutions to offer.

5. When all the members pass three times, nominal brainstorming ends.

6. Ideas are evaluated after nominal brainstorming ends.

On the next post we will share the third part of this lesson on finding enduring Jewish knowledge.

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