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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Title of Lesson: What is the Concept Attainment Model of Teaching? Part Two

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinically tested best practices. This is one of many lessons we will be sharing on teaching Judaic content, lesson planning, models of teaching, differentiated and individualized instruction and learning activities designed to transform the classroom into a Jewish community of cooperative learners. The title of this lesson is “What are Some of the Major Differences between the Student-engaged and Teacher-directed Models of Teaching”. Since there are 13 elements in each lesson plan we will divide this lesson plan into four parts. Here is the first part of this lesson on the major differences between the student-engaged and teacher directed models of teaching. The second part of the lesson follows.

Enduring Jewish Knowledge Rationale for the Lesson: We have established in the previous chapters and lessons that (a) a parent is obligated to teach or hire a teacher to instruct his or her child in the study of Torah and (b) Judaic lesson planning is a mitzvah in that the teacher is preparing a written and thoughtful strategy to engage students in the study of Torah, la’asok b’divrei Torah. The lesson plan itself is designed to motivate and empower students to acquire, apply, and create Judaic knowledge. A model of teaching is a pathway or approach to transmit Judaic knowledge to students. There are three teacher-directed (i.e. Presentation, Direct Instruction, and Concept Attainment) and student-engaged (i.e. Classroom Discussion, Cooperative Learning, and Problem-Based) models of teaching.

Essential Question/s: What are the major differences between the teacher-directed and student-engaged models of teaching?

Assessment/s: (Initial, ongoing, and final activities designed to measure what the student has learned)

Students individually, in pairs, via classroom discussion and as a homework assignment discuss the answer to this question: What are the major differences between the teacher-directed and student-engaged models of teaching?

Objective/Learning Outcome: (What the student is supposed to learn from this lesson)

In his or her own words, the student will be able to:

· Explain the major differences between the teacher-directed and student engaged models of teaching

Name of the Active Learning Procedures: Unstructured Paired Discussion and Whole Classroom Discussion

In the next post we will share the third part of a four part lesson on the Concept Attainment Model of Teaching.

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