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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Richard and Elaine Solomon are presenting an intensive workshop at NewCAJE conference this summer on creating an online community of practice

Chevre, I have some wonderful news to share with you and here it is:

Elaine and I have just been invited to facilitate an intensive six-hour workshop on creating a CoP for education directors of complementary schools and principals or instructional leaders of day schools on Sunday, July 28, 2013 at the beginning of the NewCAJE conference. You can click onto this link for details about the NewCAJE conference:

What you will not find on the above website is the information below:

The Intensive Workshop Facilitated by Richard D Solomon, PhD and Elaine C Solomon

Title: Introduction to Creating a Teacher-Friendly Online Community of Practice (CoP) for Selected Complementary and Day School Staff

Note: A Community of Practice (CoP) is an onsite and/or online staff development program to improve the professional practices of its members.

Description: This workshop will serve as a trainer of trainers (ToT) model in which education directors, heads of school, and instructional leaders will learn how to train selected members of their staff to create, participate in and maintain an online community of practice (CoP) to enhance the existing onsite staff development program at their complementary or day school.

Participants will learn how to train selected staff in their schools to do the following:
· Obtain a gmail account
· Create a group contact list of members of their school's community of practice (CoP)
· Compose, attach and send messages on gmail
· Text individual and group members of their staff 
· Call the phone numbers and computers of the members of their staff 
· Video conference with individuals and up to nine members of their staff via Google Talk and Google Hangout
· Collaborate in writing documents, creating power point presentations, spreadsheets and forms via Google Drive
· Problem solve and conduct faculty conferences with select members of their staff via Google Hangout


1. Participants must have and bring a functioning computer with a working camera and have headsets to the intensive workshop
2. Participants must have or obtain a gmail account. If participants do not have a gmail account, they can obtain one by navigating to this link:

Date: Sunday, July 28, 2013 from 9-4. 

In other words, the specific details (such as the narrative above) about our particular intensive workshop are not available yet from NewCAJE, but I invite you to share this information with you colleagues. 

How sweet it would be to see you at Nichols College, in Dudley, Massachusetts this summer!!!

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