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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Three Essential Listening Skills In the Mentor's Repertoire of Interpersonal Skills: Simple, Emotional and Respectful Listening

Three Essential Listening Skills in the Mentor's Repertoire:

Simple, Emotional and Respectful


Note: Lisa is the mentee in these applications.

Interpersonal Skills

Definition as it Applies to a Mentee

Sample Application of the Mentor Teacher

Simple Listening

To listen to the words of the mentee. To accurately summarize or paraphrase a mentee's thoughts.

Leaning forward and making eye contact the mentor teacher says, “Lisa, let me see if I understand what you're saying. You’re telling me ..."

Emotional listening

To listen to the underlying feelings of the mentee.

"Lisa, it looks and sounds like you're feeling upset. Is this true?"

Respectful listening

To paraphrase, probe and disagree respectfully.

“Lisa, you're saying ... Can you tell me what you mean by ...? I'd like to respectfully disagree with your point of view ...”

On tomorrow’s blog post we will answer this question: What does it mean to validate a mentee?

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