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Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the Conflict Resolution Method (CRM)?

The Seven Step Conflict 

Resolution Method 


1. The mentor and the mentee are in conflict.

2. Both want to resolve the conflict.

3. The mentor and the mentee find a convenient time and  place to resolve the conflict.                

Step Number

Step Explanation


The mentor and mentee find a time and place to resolve their conflict.


The mentor invites the mentee to state how he or she sees the problem. The mentor listens, and paraphrases the mentee's statement.


The mentor states how he or she sees the problem, and the mentee listens, and must correctly paraphrase the mentor's statement.


The mentor and mentee continue speaking, and listening to each other until they both are satisfied that they understand each other's thoughts and feelings.


The mentor and the mentee brainstorm how to solve the problem.


The mentor and the mentee create a plan to resolve their differences.


The mentor and mentee agree to meet again to evaluate how the plan is working.

On the next blog post we will present a sample dialogue between the mentor and the mentee during which they apply the seven step Conflict Resolution Method. 

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