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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Other Sources are Available to Your Mentee to Find Enduring Jewish Knowledge?

In this portion of the blog we are discussing how the mentor can empower the mentee to find enduring Jewish knowledge.

In this particular post you will find a listing of additional resources your mentee can use to find enduring Jewish knowledge.

1. Ask yourself: what is the core, essential or vital Jewish knowledge that I want my students to understand when they leave my classroom each day, at the end of the week, at the end of a unit, a semester or the year? In addition, what information is important, but not essential for my students to know? With what knowledge should educated Jewish students have some familiarity?

2. Ask your colleagues inside and outside of your school building, including the rabbi, principal, other teachers, professors, teacher specialists at the board or center for Jewish education, mentor teacher, expert teacher, etc., what Jewish knowledge is enduring.

3. Read Jewish books and periodicals. Please refer to the bibliography in this blog or in the Toolbox for Teachers and Mentors for additional information.

4. Visit your local board, agency, or center of Jewish Education, and find its curriculum or resource library. Then investigate its print, visual materials, sound and musical recordings, computer files, and internet resources.

5. Visit your local Jewish colleges or universities that have Jewish Studies Departments, and explore their Judaics, and curriculum libraries. Some colleges also offer online courses in Judaics and pedagogy (instruction) for high school students, undergraduate Jewish Study majors, and graduate students.

On our next post we will begin to discuss how the mentor can assist the mentee in lesson planning.

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