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Friday, May 21, 2010

Title of Lesson: How do You Write A Lesson Plan Using the Five-Step Backward Design Process? Part Five

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinically tested best practices. This is one of many lessons we will be sharing on teaching Judaic content, lesson planning, models of teaching, differentiated and individualized instruction and learning activities designed to transform the classroom into a Jewish community of cooperative learners. The title of this lesson is “How do you Write a Lesson Plan using the Five-Step Backward Design Process?” Since there are 13 elements in each lesson plan we will divide this lesson plan into five parts. Here are the first, second, third and four parts of this lesson. The fifth part of the lesson follows.

Closure: (Activity that summarizes and ends the lesson)

1. The teacher poses these three questions to his or her students;

(1) what did you learn about lesson planning from this exercise?

(2) what did you learn about the five step Backward Design lesson planning process?

(3) what did you learn about teaching from this exercise?

2. Teacher implements a Community Round Robin Community.

Optional Activity: If deemed appropriate, you can discuss curriculum mapping after your students have completed their team lesson plans. Curriculum mapping is discussed on pages 42-44 in the Toolbox.

On the top of this post are three sample templates for long term lesson planning.

In the next post we will discuss how to train mentees to create lessons using the Direct Instruction Model of Teaching.

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