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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Title of Lesson: What is the Direct Instruction Model of Teaching? Part Two

When mentoring our pre-service and in-service teachers we need to describe and model both research-based and clinically tested best practices. This is one of many lessons we will be sharing on teaching Judaic content, lesson planning, models of teaching, differentiated and individualized instruction and learning activities designed to transform the classroom into a Jewish community of cooperative learners. The title of this lesson is “What is the Direct Instruction Model of Teaching?” Since there are 13 elements in each lesson plan ) we will divide this lesson plan into five parts. Here is the first part of this lesson on the direct instruction model of teaching. The second part of this lesson follows.

Anticipatory Set: (Motivation activity that prepares students for the objective/learning outcome)

Suggested Motivational Statement:

1. Teacher says: "Now that we have studied models of teaching in general, and the Presentation Model of Teaching in particular, let me pose this question to you. Under what circumstances is the Presentation Model of Teaching an ideal way for transmitting knowledge to students? Think about this question for a moment, and discuss it with your learning partner." (The learning partner may be selected by the student or the teacher.)

2. After students have had sufficient time to discuss the question in pairs, conduct a classroom discussion on the issue. If your students do not mention these points about the application of the Presentation Model of Teaching, share the following information:

The Presentation Model of Teaching is ideal when the teacher wants to directly transmit information that follows in logical order in a step-by-step progression. In this model of teaching the teacher presents an advance organizer of the information, gives detailed explanations of difficult points, provides students with concrete and varied examples, and checks for student understanding.

3. Teacher then says: "Today we are going to examine another teacher-directed model of teaching called Direct Instruction. It is used when the teacher wants to teach a new skill or new way of thinking."

Introductory Activity: (Initial exercise to focus on the objective/learning outcome)

The teacher distributes the handout at the top of this post on the Direct Instruction Model of Teaching.

In the next post we will share the third part of a five part lesson on the Direct Instruction Model of Teaching.

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