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Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Brainstorming Conference (*Hunter and Russell, 1989)

The mentor and mentee brainstorm alternative methods of dealing with a teaching event. This type of feedback conference is ideal for pre-service and all in-service teachers except for expert teachers.

Objective of the Post-Observation Feedback Conference. To assess the lesson taught by the mentee.

Assumption: The mentor and the mentee have concluded their preliminary introductory remarks.

Sample Dialogue Between the Mentor Teacher (MT) and the Mentee (M)

M: “Dr. Solomon, can you give me some ideas on how to make the teaching of the brachot more interesting to my students?”

MT: “I have an idea. Let’s think about your question for a minute. Let's list our suggestions on individual sheets of paper, and then alternately share one idea from each list. After sharing our suggestions we can discuss which ones can be easily implemented in your classroom. Do you want to do this type of brainstorming?”

M: “Sure, let’s see what we come up with.”

MT: “Now that we have brainstormed a list of possible learning activities on teaching the brachot, which ones, if any, would you like to implement in your classroom?”

* Hunter, M. & Russell, D. (1989). Mastering Coaching and Supervision. El Segundo, CA: TIP Publications.

On the next post we will explore the Enhancement Conference.

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