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Monday, July 6, 2009

The Mentee Constructive Negative and Corrective Feedback Conference (*Hunter and Russell, 1989)

Mentee identifies what did not go well in the lesson (i.e. gives himself/herself constructive negative feedback), and the mentor and mentee brainstorm ways to deal with the situation. This type of feedback conference is ideal for mentees who are highly motivated and self-analytical.

Objective of the Post-Observation Feedback Conference: To assess the lesson taught by the mentee.

Assumption: The mentor and the mentee have concluded their preliminary introductory remarks.

Sample Dialogue Between the Mentor Teacher (MT) and the Mentee (M)

M: “Dr. Solomon, I appreciate what you liked about my lesson. But, I’m more concerned about the things I did in class today that didn’t work very well. Can we discuss those items?”

MT: “Sure. What, in your opinion, didn’t go well?”

M: “ For one, I didn’t like the fact that two boys in the back of the room, Moshe and Shimshon, were talking to each other while I was teaching. I know there is something that I should have done, but I have no idea what to do. Dr. Solomon, do you have any suggestions?”

MT: “I do have some ideas; but, I’d rather do some brainstorming with you so that we can collectively come up with other alternatives. Shall we?”

M: “I guess so. Well, for one thing, I could change their seats.”

MT: “You could also ...”

The brainstorming session between the mentee and the mentor continues. Ultimately they agree upon a plan for implementation.

* Hunter, M. & Russell, D. (1989). Mastering Coaching and Supervision. El Segundo, CA: TIP Publications.

On the next post we will explore the Mentor Constructive Positive Feedback Conference.

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