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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Mentor Constructive Positive Feedback Conference (*Hunter and Russell, 1989)

The mentor only shares constructive positive feedback regarding the performance of the mentee. This type of feedback conference is ideal for advanced beginning and experienced teachers who have made significant progress in their knowledge of Judaics, and have developed an increased repertoire of instructional and classroom management strategies.

Objective of the Post-Observation Feedback Conference. To assess the lesson taught by the mentee.

Assumption: The mentor and the mentee have concluded their preliminary introductory remarks.

Sample Dialogue Between the Mentor Teacher (MT) and the Mentee (M)

MT: “Mrs. Keller I’m so pleased with the strides you’ve made in the three areas that we've discussed during the pre-conference. You developed your own unique quiet signal, and your students responded promptly to your signal. Now take a look at this Teacher Movement Observation Form that I charted which shows how much you moved around the room while teaching. I also want to commend you on the increased amount of on-task student talk that I charted. During the last observation you lectured ninety percent of instruction time. Today your students spoke appropriately for thirty percent of instruction time. You reduced your lecturing by twenty percent. What a remarkable improvement!”

M: “Thank you, Dr. Solomon. I told you that I’d made steady progress in those areas of concern.”

* Hunter, M. & Russell, D. (1989). Mastering Coaching and Supervision. El Segundo, CA: TIP Publications.

On the next post we will explore the Brainstorming Conference.

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