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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Think-Pair-Community Share: Another Equity Pedagogical Practice that Should Be Modeled by the Mentor and Implemented by the Mentee

Think-Pair-Community Share

To give each student a chance to participate in classroom discussion, and mitigate against the teacher selecting his or her favorite students to respond, Think-Pair-Community Share should be modeled by the mentor and utilized by the mentee.

This is a variation of Think-Pair-Share that was described in a previous post. During step one, each student individually and silently thinks about a question posed by the teacher. During the second step, two class members are paired to exchange and discuss their responses. During step three, each student may share his/her response, his/her partner's response, a synthesis, a new idea or may pass. This data, however, is shared with the total class or community in either a clock-wise or counter clock-wise order.

On the next post we will discuss a set of specific classroom management procedures mentors should not only model for their mentees, but also rehearse with their students.

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