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Monday, August 3, 2009

Unison Responding: Another Teaching Practice to Gain Student Attention and Reduce Off-Task Student Behavior

Unison responding is another best practice within a teacher’s toolbox that is designed to gain student attention and reduce off-task student behavior.

How might it be applied?

The teacher says, “I’m going to pose a question, and when I stretch out my hand I want all of you to answer my question at the same time. Let’s practice this. Is today Monday, yes or no? “ The teacher extends her hand, and the class responds in unison. “Let’s try again.” the teacher says. “Here’s my question. Who is the president of the United States?” The teacher again stretches out her hand to the class, and the students respond chorally at the same time.

As mentioned earlier in the blog, unison responding should be discussed, and demonstrated by the mentor so that the mentee can better understand the efficacy of this best practice.

On the next post we will begin to discuss a variety of equity pedagogical methods a teacher can use to increase and vary student participation in the classroom.

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