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Friday, June 26, 2009

Three-Step Clinical Supervision/Mentoring Conference Cycle

The Essential Components of the Clinical Supervision or Mentoring are contained in the Three- Step Conference Cycle

Step One: The Co-Planning Conference

The co-planning conference is the first meeting between the pre-service or in-service teacher (i.e. mentee) and the mentor or supervisor. The purposes for the co-planning conference are as follows:

1. Establish rapport and trust

2. Assist the mentee in planning a personal focus for the classroom observation, or assist him or her in applying one or more teaching techniques without classroom observation

3. Discuss the student-teacher/classroom management relationship

4. Establish procedures for observation

5. Solicit feedback from the mentee on handling the co-planning and post-observation conference

6. Offer continuous support

Step Two: The Classroom Observation

The mentor or supervisor and the mentee discuss what kind of observation instrument/s will be used and the focus for the observation. They may also decide to modify the observation instrument so that it targets what is in the best interest of the mentee's development.

Step Three: The Post-Observation Feedback Conference

The post-observation feedback conference is designed (a) to give the pre-service or in-service teacher (i.e. mentee) objective feedback on the focus of the observation, and (b) to validate those effective teaching practices the mentee demonstrated during the lesson.

On the next post we will discuss the major differences between a supervisor and a mentor.

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