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Monday, June 1, 2009

Methods to Encourage Your Mentee To Use Internal Reflection

As an mentor it is neither sufficient nor effective to simply review the internal reflection formats with your mentee. We would offer the following suggestions:

1. Demonstrate how you currently use those reflection tools that are most meaningful to you. If you assign your mentee to complete any reflection format such as the EIAG Journal, the Professional Reflection Log, or the Individual Professional Development Plan (IPDP), let them see your recently completed ones.

2. Show your mentee examples of reflection formats that you have used in the past.

3. If available, show your mentee sample reflections of your previous mentees. This, of course, would require obtaining their permission, or perhaps expunging their names.

4. Point out how internal reflection has informed, and enabled you to improve your professional practices.

In the next post we will begin our discussion of external reflection formats and practices for the pre-service and in-service teacher.

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