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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Novice Teacher Self-Assessment Inventory (Lipton, et al., 2001)

The Novice Teacher Self-Assessment Inventory (*Lipton, et al. 2001) is a useful instrument to give to your mentee. Although it appears to be an internal reflection format for the novice teacher, it can serve as a needs assessment, and as a spingboard for a professional conversation between the mentee (i.e. the novice teacher) and the mentor.


Novice Teacher Self-Assessment Inventory (Lipton, et al., 2001)

Key: On each line (___) in the boxes below, record the number 1, 2 or 3:

1 =    I need assistance in this area right now.

2 =   I think I have a handle on this, but I’d like to talk to someone with more experience.

3 =    I feel comfortable about this right now.


Information About Policies and Procedures

Resource Information

___ Teacher evaluation system

___ Paperwork and deadlines

___ Expectations of the principal

___ Expectations of my colleagues

___ Communicating with parents

___ Standardized tests

___ Bell system

___ Roll book

___ Organizing/setting up my classroom

___ Accessing instructional materials and        resources in the building

___ Arranging field trips

___ Using the library and media resources

___ Working with special services

Working with Students

Time Management

___ Establishing classroom routines

___ Motivating resistant students

___ Maintaining student discipline

___ Differentiating instruction for

        individual learners

___ Implementing the curriculum

___ Evaluating student progress

___ Organizing my day/week

___ Lesson planning

___ Following the daily/weekly schedule

___ Attending meetings

___ Supervising extracurricular activities

___ Opportunities for professional development

___ Maintaining personal/professional balance

Here are other areas in which I’d like to receive some assistance:

 * Lipton, L., Wellman, B. & Humbard, D. (2001). Mentoring Matters: A Practical Guide to Learning-focused Relationships: Sherman, CT: Mira Via, LLC.

On the next post we will discuss  Guidelines for Weekly Professional Conversations Among Mentor Teachers, Pre-Service, and In-service Teachers.










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