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Friday, June 12, 2009

Suggested Methods to Encourage Your Mentee To Participate in Collegial Reflection Practices

In this blog we have suggested that a mentor teacher needs to possess three sets of core skills and practices in his or her repertoire:

1. Social or relationship competencies

2. Competencies in internal and external reflection

3. Skills in applying different observational tools

There is a multitude of observation instruments from which a mentor teacher can choose. We have selected a few that are user friendly. The first one we will share is the Sample On-Task Observation Form. It is depicted at the top of this post.

Name of the Observation


Purpose for the Observation Instrument

How the Observational

Instrument Is Used

Sample-On Task Observation Form

To identify the on-and off-task behavior of each student in the class over a period of time. This instrument can be used to observe individual students, groups of students, or all the students in a class.

· Student's name is recorded in each rectangle

· At designated times, the observer records the behavior of each student: A= On Task

B= Out of seat

C= Talking to a classmate

D= Playing around

E= Out of the room

· The mentor and the mentee are encouraged to modify the meaning of each letter.

On the next post we will share a Sample Teacher to Student and Student to Student Verbal Flow Form.

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