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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Suggested Methods to Encourage Your Mentee To Participate in Collegial Reflection Practices

As we have discussed in a previous post, it is neither sufficient nor effective to simply review the above external reflection formats and protocols with your mentee. We would offer the following suggestions:

1. Invite your mentee to attend and observe the collegial reflection meetings, seminars, and workshops in which you participate.

2. Use the Novice Teacher Self-Assessment Inventory as a needs assessment for your pre-service and in-service mentee.

3. Pose strategic questions that activate, and expand mentee thinking during your professional conversations.

4. Establish regular weekly professional conversations among the mentor teachers and mentees at your school, or in your geographical area. These professional conversations can also take place online.

5. Implement the New Teacher Group Problem-Solving Protocol, or the Tuning Protocol at your school, in your geographical area, or via a list serve.

6. Use the examination of student work as a vehicle for external reflection.

On the next post we will present a summary of the external reflection professional practices discussed in this blog.

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